When we lose someone we love, we begin the difficult task of planning a funeral service and a very personal farewell that specifically suits that unique person now gone from our midst.  I offer a ceremony which reverently but warmly celebrates a life now ended, an opportunity for a great send-off and fond memories amidst some kind of hope and even joy for the bereaved.  This can be through music, poetry, readings, eulogies and ritual, whether religous  or secular.


Funerals are as much for the living as the loved one who has died – maybe more so. Listening to the bereaved and delivering a ceremony they will treasure is paramount to my work.  In a funeral there is the need to capture the essence of the departed person. This involves their character, their spirit and their legacy. I set out to plan this according to what the family wishes. The collaboration of family and friends is vital in order to honour the departed in the most appropriate way. It is all too easy at a time like this to gratefully accept the first suggestions made, only to later wish you had done things differently. One of the beautiful and unique benefits about choosing a Celebrant to lead a funeral service is that I will spend time with you prior to the service, usually within the comfort of your own home, building a relationship with your family, listening to your wishes, hearing your stories, your memories and the significance of your grief in order to gain a true sense of the person who has died.